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Welcome to Elvis games. Yes, put on your Blue Suede shoes, no need to get All shook up cause the King of Rock & Roll is back . This is the site for Elvis Fruit machine game fans everywhere! The three games shown here are the Top three Elvis Fruit machine games in the UK . They can all be played for free or for Real money.
Like the King himself Elvis games have dominated Las Vegas and now you can play them in your very own home . Here we explain all three of these fantastic games games,  play them for fun or play them for real the choice is yours .

Think of the excitement of playing these great games from the comfort of your own home. Add the fact that you can play for Free and you ve got the perfect mix for a great Night. With great titles such as Elvis Top 20, Multistrike and A little More action, you can play along with Elvis and have no doubt you ll find yourself in great company .
Thanks All Folks - Thank You Very Much . Elvis has left the Building
Elvis Top 20 is our personal favourite. The gameplay and graphics are very slick whilst the images and  sounds of Elvis take you back to the memorable days of the Kings reign .
The Electric Guitar bonuses are really fun and exciting .

Bonus Rounds

There are three bonus games waiting to be won.  3 or more matching bonus symbols in any position on the reels will start a bonus game.  5 matching GOLD DISC symbols can award really big prizes!

Jukebox Jive Bonus Game

Three or more jukebox symbols in view on the reels will start the Jukebox Jive Bonus Game. Click on your chosen Jukebox to reveal a random stake multiplier bonus!

Elvis Gold Disc Bonus Game

Three or more gold disc symbols anywhere in view across the reels will start the Wheel Bonus.  A new game interface will appear in place of the reels, and the wheel will start spinning for a short while before slowing down and coming to a halt.

The stake multiplier that the prize indicator is pointing to on the wheel when it stops will become your prize.

Electric Guitar Bonus Game

Three or more guitar symbols in view on the reels will start the Electric Guitar Bonus Game.  This will count up a series of win values beneath each guitar.  When the bonus is over, the total amount showing beneath all the guitars will be awarded.
Get yourself plenty of action with this new slot game from the King of rock and roll himself. We have an amazing 50 paylines of adrenaline pumping excitement, stacked wilds for huge wins and an Action Free Spins Bonus. On every reel there are stacks of four or more wild symbols. These stacked wild symbols can line up to trigger an amazing number of simultaneous wins!

Get three bonus symbols anywhere on the middle reels, and you get a ticket to the Action Free Spins Bonus. Turn up the volume and get ready for a rich extravaganza featuring the Elvis song, "A Little Less Conversation." In this  bonus, you get 5 free spins of the bonus reels. These reels are more lucrative than standard, with extra stacked wilds and extra bonus symbols. You can potentially retrigger the Action Free Spins Bonus multiple times.
How to play

ELVISŪ - A Little More ActionTM features 50 paylines. You can bet 1-5 credits on each payline.

In the LINE BET box, you see your current bet per line. Click the left arrow (with a minus sign) to decrease your bet per line by one. Click the right arrow (with a plus sign) to increase your bet per line by one.

Click the MAX BET button to bet the maximum, which are 5 credits on each payline. If you have fewer than 250 credits, MAX BET is not available.

Click the PLAY button to spin the reels. The number shown on the PLAY button is the number of credits bet.

If you do not want to bet on all 50 paylines, you can use the LINES control to change the number of paylines you are playing. In the LINES box, you see the current number of paylines you are playing. Click the left arrow (with a minus sign) to decrease the number of paylines you are playing. Click the right arrow (with a plus sign) to increase the number of paylines you are playing. Using these controls you can play either 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, or 50 paylines.

You can also specify LINE BET or LINES by directly clicking the corresponding bar within the LINE BET meter or LINES meter.

Action Free Spins BonusTM

Get three bonus symbols anywhere on the middle three reels to start the Action Free Spins Bonus.

Your effective bet for these free spins is your total bet when you triggered the Action Free Spins Bonus. The bonus reels contain even more stacked wilds and bonus symbols than the main game reels.

You start the Action Free Spins Bonus with 5 free spins. You can retrigger the bonus by getting three bonus symbols on a free spin, which award you an additional 5 free spins (up to a maximum of 255 free spins for your entire bonus).

Your total bonus win is the sum of all awards won from your free spins.
Elvis Multi-Strike is an exciting new type of slot game, featuring the King of Rock and Roll himself. It's like playing 3 slot games in one, with the chance to multiply your payline wins for truly king-sized awards. There are also 2 fantastic bonus rounds, where the sights and songs of Elvis will thrill you while you win, guaranteeing to leave you all shook up!

Three Fan-O-Meter symbols on any bet line triggers the Fan-O-Meter Bonus.
Pick one of the 5 televisions, each of which lists a different Elvis song. The game will then show you concert footage of Elvis performing that song. During the song, the crowd will go into a celebratory frenzy at
different points in the song.
To the left of the televisions, the needle of the Fan-O-Meter will move, indicating how strong the audience response is; the louder the audience cheers, the higher your pay.

If the audience manages to "peg the meter" at it's top spot, you will be rewarded with an Encore -- another pick of a remaining Elvis song for an additional award! Up to 5 concert clips may be shown.

Elvis Slots Photo Memories Two Photo Memories symbols and three Wild Rockin' Respin symbols triggers the Photo Memories Bonus. In the Photo Memories bonus,  pressing the Spin button will start an arrow spinning on a record surrounded by a collection of Elvis photos. The arrow will stop and award a Photo Value, which is based on the total bet on the reel level that triggered the bonus. The photo will be replaced with a Collect symbol after it is put into the photo album at the bottom of the screen.

As the bonus game progresses, additional arrows are added (up to eight!), and the values of the photos increase. However, as photos are collected, more Collect symbols are added to the record, and if an arrow points to a Collect symbol, the bonus is over.
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Whether you want to play Elvis games for real or just for fun we are here to give you the lowdown along with the very best places to play them. So come on relive the classic days of the King  of Rock through his very own game .

Elvis has been King since 56' and is still going strong in 2010 - Now - Here's your chance to experience a Little More Action .